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The Important Things of Being a Fast Buddha Monk

Being a fast Buddha monk is a dream of everyone. It is because you can implement your knowledge and ability in Buddha to others. Before you decide to be a monk, you should know some important things about the Buddha monk. It is crucial to convince yourself to take this decision.

How to be a Fast Buddha Monk 

The easiest way to be a Buddha monk is taking its Samanera material. It is a finalizing process of being the beginner of Buddha monks. Some countries and states are allowing this option if you want to be a Buddha monk quickly. Basically, in this way, you can be a Buddha monk during summertime. It is a short time until you decide to be a full-time monk or just leave the vihara. This decision is under your control so that it gives a short time for the teaching and learning process of being a Buddha monk.

How Long Do You Want to be Buddha Monk? 

You will spend three to five years before you become a Buddha monk that is fully initialized and declared. However, it requires at least three years before you become a beginner of Buddha monks. It is specifically needed for ten years to finish the basic training process. In this case, you will have the full strength to teach others who want to be a fast Buddha monk as well. Of course, it will be a unique experience for the others gaining the great experience of their teacher.

fast buddha monk
fast buddha monk

The Age of Being a Buddha Monk 

To be a Buddha monk, it has a range of age that should be. You must be under 50 years if you want to be a good Buddha monk. However, if you have the age under 18 years old, you must be allowed by your parents to join in this process because it takes a long process of being a Buddha monk. Besides, the people suffering from deadly diseases or seriously disable conditions, they can’t be accepted to be a Buddha monk. The Buddha monk in tradition is involving a lifetime commitment to the living process of the society.

The Buddha monks are the person who is responsible to spread Buddha and make it exist. They also guide the people who don’t know about Buddha. To be a good Buddha monk, you need to learn some ways. Those are learning Buddhism, preparing a monastic life, and claiming to be a monk. To have two finalizing processes, you should know two steps of this matter.

The early ceremony is an occasion in which the monk-to be being a Samanera. Then, the second ceremony is a monk-to be becoming a monk. It has no way to be a monk without running the early learning stage. After you complete the training and daftar sbobet education of the early stage, you must be ready to be a fast Buddha monk. The training is useful to differentiate the common people and monks because they will learn the first stage of Samanera.

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Relieve Anxiety of Life with Buddhist Teachings

Life is full of problems, challenges, and many more that sound worse. Because of that, a lot of people decided to end their life. They probably think ending their own life can end their suffering. If we had faith in God, suicide is not the way to end your suffering but only make it become the worst for eternity. One of the religions in the world, Buddha, is a religion that has a lot of teachings when it comes to fear in life. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about Buddhist teachings that can relieve the anxiety of life.

Admit your fear

Teachings in Buddha stated that suffering, illnesses, and deaths are something that must be expected, understood, and admitted. “I am subject to aging, subject to illness, and subject to death.”  That is the line that reminds people that fear and uncertainty is normal in our life. It is part of peace with our reality.

Whatever happens, always expect impermanence, uncertainty, and less control. We should think that everything must be reversed. From the Buddhist perspective, it is better to learn how to work with fear. When we fight against the world, we only have sufferings. However, if we open or accept the world, then we will enjoy our life in this world.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are the main Buddhist teachings. Mindfulness practice is purposed to restrain impulsive behaviors of our body consciousness. For example, most people will impulsively react when they feel itchy in a part of their body. They will scratch it. However, with mindfulness practice, you can make that itchy gone without the physical interference.

Mindfulness and Meditation
Mindfulness and Meditation

Meanwhile, meditation is a longer practice than mindfulness. Not just that, it is also deeper than full consciousness practice. For Buddhists, time to be alone with the mind is a part of meditation. Isolation and quarantine can reflect the needed condition of meditation.

It is advised to observe the anxiety sensation of our body, and we should see them as a cloud that came and goes later. With regular meditations, it is possible for people to admit their fear, anger, and uncertainty. Those recognitions will make it easier to identify those feelings just by giving a reaction in non-eternal circumstances.

To cultivate affection

Love, compassion, joy, and balance. Buddhist teachers know that these four can replace the circumstances full of fear and anxiety in mind.

When the emotion of anxiety and fear becomes too strong, Buddhist teachers suggest that people think about the example of love, kindness, and empathy in life. Anxiety and fear mindsets can be stopped by bringing back yourself to the time of you taking care of other people or vice versa.

As a summary, during this uncertain time because of a pandemic outbreak, it is the exact time to be a chance to apply these Buddhist teachings. Every person can turn disappointments into motivation. It will change our life and perspective of ourselves or other people. Stay strong.